Do you use (life) science in your career? My students want to know about it!! Our class is currently studying genetics, and diseases, however we have covered scientific thinking and experimenting, using math in science, chemistry of life, cells, living things, plant and animal life cycles, the human body, ecosystems and biomes, and food webs and cycles. 

Key Questions

All questions related to one's job and how science is involved:

Job title and locations, salary, education needed, job responsibilities, opportunities for advancement, most interesting and challenging parts of the job

Also, students are generally interested in finding out where others' career paths started. Some experts from last year commented that they had middle school teachers that really made them interested in science, and that led them to their careers. That was eye opening for some of them who think that what I do as a 7th grade teacher does not affect them later on. They also like to hear about the challenges faced in pursuing careers. 

Expected Outcomes

I would like for my students to see how the things they have learned this year can be used in careers. I would like to introduce them to careers in science with which most people are not familiar. 


Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 05/08/2017 1:25 PM   Eastern Time






Meenakshi Noll, MD, Ph.D