In the process of editing the story of Yasutsune "Tony" Hirashiki's memoir of ten years as a news cameraman in Vietnam, I've been able to see how TV News began--with the careful and even loving care of executives like Elmer Lower--and, like everyone else in America, I fear I'm seeing the downfall of network TV News. 

I would like to do this session with Tony (who has managed to cover every major story on ABC News for 40 years without really learning English) and concentrate on his experiences as a war correspondent as well as our views on the dramatic changes in the industry.  I took a nostalgia tour the other night and realized that the Washington DC ABC News bureau, where I'd spent 25 years of my life, was gone. That's only one small symbol of the changes running through journalism.

Key Questions

1. Should you plan on a career in Journalism and, specifically, in TV News?

2. What courses should you take to prepare yourself for such a career?

3. What kind of changes can you expect to see in the way news is presented and evaluated?

4. What sort of personality tends to work out well in journalism and particularly television. 

5. Is it true that working in television news is more fun than anything else I could imagine doing?

Expected Outcomes

How to tell "fake" news from the real deal.

What will news look like in the next decade when newspapers and websites will compete with network television. (Hint: it's already happening.) 

What was it like 50 years ago as tens of thousands of American boys and girls (average age 19) fought and died in a faraway jungle. Did the press tell their story honestly or did they betray their country by make it look weak? What was the "magnetic attraction" that brought journalists back to Vietnam time after time and often led to their deaths?  How America was divided between conservative "hard hats" and liberal "hippies." How millions took to the streets in protest and some were shot dead by American soldiers. 

What was it like to get the news when you were shooting film, shipping it to be developed in another country, and sending it over a satellite back to America.

Is Journalism a dying field or an exciting growing opportunity?


Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 03/31/2017 11:00 AM   Eastern Time




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