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In the Virtual Workplace Experience class, students have the opportunity to complete some of the Micro-Enterprise Credential components. To attain the Micro-Enterprise Credential, students must complete a Self-Assessment of personal interests and strengths.

Students must then make a Self-Assessment Presentation to an industry expert.

This industry expert should be from an industry of interest to the student.  Students studying to attain the Micro-Enterprise Credential will want to talk with small business leaders / entrepreneurs.   

Key Questions

Student Self-Assessment Presentations must cover three topics in no more than 20 minutes:

1)    The student’s self-assessed understanding of critical workplace behaviors

2)    The student’s self-assessment strengths and areas for improvement

3)    The student’s assessment of his/her lessons learned from the Self-Assessment

Expected Outcomes

Students make a presentation that covers the topics above. 

If mentors believe the student omitted or insufficiently covered one of the three topics above they are encouraged to prompt the student to address the omitted topic(s).


Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 12/15/2017 1:30 PM   Eastern Time




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Virtual Workplace Experience  
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Review and Critique Students Self Assessment - AP: Music
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Career Exploration: Based on personal interests and strengths.  
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