Preparation for the next step in life. 

Key Questions

If I'm a dependent and I have earned income, do my parents claim my income, or do I file? Can I file as a dependent?

Do my parents get to claim my college education expenses even if I'm filing? 

When do I get to file independently?

When I fill out my paperwork when starting a new job, and it asks me a number that I'm claiming.... what does this mean? Do I claim 1, because I am 1 person? Do I claim 5 because of me and my 4 kids?

Why is it important to file taxes?

Any important key factors to take with me as I'm approaching adulthood?   

Expected Outcomes

Each of my students have expressed concerns about not being prepared to handle filing their taxes. I would like them to be able to know the difference between filing as a dependent and independently. I would like them to understand the different ways you can file. What can they claim, what can't they claim...why? I would like for them to know their legal obligations of filing. 

I would like for you to share any advice or wisdom, or life experiences that they will be able to keep with them as they enter their next stage of life.

My goal for this session, is for my students to feel more informed about life events that they are not necessarily going to get out of the state standards. I want my students to leave me in May feeling that I have given them REAL information that they WILL HAVE to use the rest of their life! 


Curriculum Alignment

about 2 years ago Mary (FORD) Thompson Hepler

I thank you for selecting me. I will gather the forms I need an add them. I am very glad to hear your students will be going to College, I will double check all the latest laws regarding money given to a student and 1) who if anyone has to claim it 2) how they can file a tax return and get all the taxes they paid refunded back to them 3) if their parents are assisting them with College tution or they received loans using their parents income why it is a good idea for their parents to be able to still claim them as a deductible or if they want to claim themselves what ramifications are in store for them and unless they made over $10,000 why it would not be such a good idea to claim themselves. I will have the Forms and actual Rules and Laws, however I will not be reading to them, they can use them as references afterwards. I want to state facts and have an open discussion and answer the what ifs

Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Completed Date

 01/25/2017 10:00 AM   Eastern Time




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