3.8 (A)
observe, measure, record,
and compare day
day weather
changes in different locations at the
same time that include air
temperature, wind direction, and
3.8 (B)
describe and illustrate the
Sun as a star composed of gases that
provides light and heat energy for
the water cycle;
3.8 (C)
construct models that
demonstrate the relationship of the
Sun, Earth, and
Moon, including
orbits and positions; and
3.8 (D)
identify the planets in
Earth's solar system and their
position in relation to the Sun

Key Questions

How does your knowledge of the solar system contribute to your career on a daily basis?

What got you interested in it?

What is the most interesting part of your career or job?


Expected Outcomes

I want my students to have a chance to hear from an expert on something to do with our solar system.


Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 02/17/2017 3:30 PM   Eastern Time




Daniel Beauford TARVER-RENDON EL


Jeff Nosanov NASA