I was on LinkedIn one day and saw an opportunity to share my profession virtually through Nepris.  I applied and amazingly got an opportunity to share what I knew about publishing and thereafter subscribed to other requested sessions. Nervous I was, (which shows in my first and second session) I proceeded to share my knowledge with children across the globe.I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Nepris for giving me an opportunity to not only share my knowledge professionally, but it ALSO gave me an OPPORTUNITY to see myself. In my sessions I have learned that children are eager to learn and discover the many professions that are available to them and that they desire to succeed.  I am THANKFUL for the opportunity that Nepris gave me to see myself on such an extended platform and for having the confidence in me to give me an opportunity to reach into the classrooms that I may never have had an opportunity to be in WITHOUT THEM. SO this MESSAGE IS about Thankfulness. I am THANKFUL, HONORED and PROUD to be a part of the Nepris Community of Professionals that share and I invite other professionals to sign up as well. THANK YOU NEPRIS again, for the opportunity to share and for recognizing and celebrating me as one of your engaging experts who inspired the most students in 2015-2016. I AM GRATEFUL. 

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