Putting the Genius in Genius Hour

Why are students so excited about learning? It’s genius hour! Genius hour is based on Google’s 20% percent initiative. Google allows its engineers to spend 20% of their time to work on their own projects. In turn, it increases productivity, so much that reportedly 50% of Google's most innovative products such as Gmail have been made during that time. This 20% time has transferred into the education world and is referred to as genius hour. 

From corporations to classrooms, genius hour is revolutionizing the way kids learn. This new method of learning has been implemented in classrooms all across the world. Students are able to choose a passion project and dig deeper into what interests them. The beauty of it is that students get to take a break from their daily routine and learn about something that they truly care about. 

One highlight of genius hour is when students connect with experts that specialize in their area of interest, inspiring them for a lifetime. Nepris is connecting the expert (industry professionals) to students to allowing them to unlock the students’ inner genius. In fact, the goal of Nepris is to connect knowledgeable professionals to curious kids that want to learn more. Jennifer Siebert, a veterinary student at Ross University, spoke to a second grade student who did their genius hour on boa constrictors. 

If you want to spice up your classroom with creativity, then try genius hour. It’s a great way to enhance classroom productivity while keeping the students engaged. To find out more visit the Genius Hour website. 

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