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All it takes it one person to inspire you for a lifetime. In fact, according to the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, over 50% of people who work in the tech field were inspired by one person, event, or class. Nepris is by far the best tool for sparking that inspiration in the classroom. It allows teachers to connect their students to industry professionals who help give the students a deeper understanding and the best part is it’s all virtual!

There are several different ways to utilize Nepris. The most common session (Nepris' term for live virtual connections) is a topic presentation where students have the chance to have a  question and answer time with the professional. 

Another way to use Nepris is for genius hour. Professionals can answer any question a student has about their genius hour passion project. There are also project evaluation sessions where the students present to the  professionals and get their feedback in order to improve their project or presentation skills. It’s similar to the TV show, Shark Tank ,with Mark Cuban. 

Nepris is also a great tool for teachers to use to connect with professionals for career days, STEAM days and really any other way way you can imagine using professionals to enhance the learning in your classroom. Corey Lea’s meteorology session is a perfect example of a captivating connection. The third grade students really got into the session, and participated whole heartedly. 

Nepris is the best tool for classrooms because it reaches a next level of engagement. If you are looking to jazz up your classroom, join nepris, and schedule a session today!

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