A Raspbian Recipe (for teachers using Raspberry Pi)

For those of you using Raspberry Pi for STEM or STEAM, I've just been in communication with the author of Antiprism, free and open source software for generating a wealth of beautiful geometric shapes, which you may integrate into a geometry curriculum (such as my Martian Math, field tested at Reed College).  See antiprism.com

I give the recipe, along with tips and potential dips, in this post from this morning on edu-sig, another useful resource in the Python.org domain, geared for educators specifically.  Feel free to join us.  I'm one of the moderators.


I realize the prospect of compiling source code is daunting for many math teachers as most such hands-on activities get shunted over to "computer science". I have nothing against computer science, but I'm also a big fan of Hacking Math Class by Peter Farrell, a math teacher who uses Python to teach high school math.  Amit Saha, author of Doing Math with Python, is another eloquent expositor of this "gnu math" curriculum (gnu meaning GNU as in "GNU is not Unix" e.g. Linux).

The good news is the Internet is hugely helpful, with many questions already answered if you dig. 

I've been showing off the virtues of the Raspbian approach, versus say sticking exclusively with TI calculators, during Flying Circus meetups at PDX Code Guild on SE Corbett near Tillikum Crossing. 

Even if I'm not there, friendly people will likely help you.  Bring your Pi if you have one, also mouse and keyboard would be good.  We have HDMI LCD monitors you might use, as well as a giant HDTV.

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