5 Reasons to Keep Your Trash

When I was just eight years old, I first watched the Disney movie Wall-E. This movie is about a robot who was left on earth to clean up the trillions of pieces of garbage that humans had left behind. Honestly, I hated the movie with a firing passion, and I still do. I don’t despise the movie because the plot is unrealistic. Actually it’s quite the opposite: the fact that the Earth could be a landfill and could be inhabitable is realistic and that scares me. So, in order to avoid a Wall-E world, I recommend trying these five things before throwing away your trash. 

Reduce CO2 

Carbon dioxide is the most common greenhouse gas that pollutes the earth. The excess amounts of CO2 contribute to the changes in weather patterns and crop health. Plants breathe in CO2 and release oxygen, so by growing more plants, it will lessen the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. This is where your trash comes in. It’s easy to use old shoes, cans, or anything with an opening as a planter. Just fill your worn out shoe with soil and a new plant and enjoy watching it bloom. 

Increase Soil Health

Dry soil can be disappointing when every plant you own is constantly dwindling away. Composting greatly helps increase the quality of your soil. Don’t throw out excess food, paper towels, and pet hair in the garbage, instead, toss them in a compost bin. Compost also lowers your water bill. Due to the increase of water retention, you don’t have to worry about watering your lawn. 

Free Up landfills 

Once your trash leaves your house, it doesn’t magically disappear. It goes to landfills. Landfills are home to humongous piles of trash. They are huge eyesores as well as breeding grounds for toxins. Rather than throwing away bottle caps, wrappers, and even clothes, think about what else they could be used for. Those candy wrappers? They can be a new wallet or purse. That ripped shirt? It’s now a rag.

Protect Wildlife

Animals are constantly getting trapped in waste thrown on the side of the road. Penguins choked in plastic ringed soda holders, whales entangled in fishing nets, and dogs suffocating in glass jars are just some of the horrific realities. Some items you must let go, yet you can still “animal proof” them. For example, cut the plastic soda rings to eliminate the hazard of entanglement. You can also repurpose things like fishing nets into a hammock or cans into birdfeeders. 

Make Money 

Old furniture, jewelry, and clothes don’t have to be tossed away. There are many outlets that allow you to sell gently used items for money. I personally joined in on this trend, and, so far, I’ve made over eighty dollars. By selling your old clothes, you don’t just make money, but you also keep one less item out of a landfill or around the neck of a helpless animal.

Wall-E helped me realize that I should make a change. You can also. It’s never too late to start making a difference, so try these five things today!

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