Connecting Industry to Every Classroom

For decades many of us have been involved in discussions about creating opportunities for all students to gain exposure to the real world. We have spent hundreds of hours brainstorming with companies, universities, non-profits, chambers of commerce, technology councils and the likes to bridge the gap between industry and education. The reality is the teacher in the classroom still does not have the tools or the time to invite guest speakers or project mentors, organize field trips or develop films and videos. Most companies find it difficult to scale education outreach due to geographic and curriculum barriers. Rural school districts are left out because they lack access to a diverse industry in their local area.

Nepris came out of a real need we heard from educators, industry leaders, professionals and community partners alike, to reduce the barriers between industry and education. Our core mission: Making industry engagement part of the everyday classroom by empowering teachers to engage students in STEAM!

With Nepris, teachers don't have to spend endless hours and time outside of the classroom to recruit and plan for guest speakers. By facilitating virtual connections, Nepris effectively removes student barriers to access while providing companies the opportunity to efficiently and effectively extend their education outreach efforts

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engageTeachers can pick a curriculum topic or student project and Nepris finds and invites the right industry professional to show how the topic is applied in their work, to help guide students with their projects or to evaluate final student deliverables. Every student has an opportunity to submit questions and take part in the discussion. Every professional has a proven framework to guide them towards productive classroom discussion. Each virtual session is recorded so everyone can benefit from this session.


exposure Students gain early exposure to high tech professionals and related job skills so they can connect what they learn in the classroom to real people and real careers that they can aspire for. Nepris platform can help integrate this kind of exposure into the classroom on a regular basis instead of just once a year, on career days! For companies, we make skills-based volunteering a reality.


Introduce students to places and people who can inspire them. We make it easy for everyone to connect with great companies, good leaders, role- models and mentors, around the world! It takes just one connection to be inspired and we are making these connections possible everyday!

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience working with schools and teachers to develop education technology solutions. We also happen to be engineers who have spent many years working in high tech companies. Last but not least, we are parents who want a bright future for our children.

Our Commitment

57% of boys and 68% of girls who chose a high tech career say they were inspired by one person, or one event, or one class during the middle or high school years(STEM Perceptions study by Microsoft). A vast majority of our middle and high school kids do not have an opportunity to be inspired through role models. 80% of students don’t take any STEM related courses in school.

With the support of industry leaders and professionals, we aspire to provide more opportunities for the average student to be inspired to choose courses that will lead them to fulfilling careers. We are committed to bringing down the barriers between industry and education to create millions of moments of discovery for our future generation. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at: