Have you ever wondered how product is made or  who is behind the scenes working on ideas for coming up with the next new trend? Have you ever thought about what it means to create an idea from nothing or design an object based on a simple pain point?

This session is then for you!

Industrial Designer, Rigoberto Pulido, will introduce what steps it takes on becoming a product designer and how you can apply yourself in many different job markets. 


Key Questions

  • What is Industrial Design?
  • How do you create ideas and make them into reality?
  • How can you apply industrial design in other fields such as, Manufacturing Engineering and Marketing.


Expected Outcomes

I want to be able to share my story and show students how creativity can go a long way. After this session, students will become aware of the products that surround them and will start questioning how they became to be.


Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 11/14/2017 5:00 PM   Eastern Time




Rigoberto Pulido PacMin Inc.


Saundra Butcher
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Grade 9 To 12  
Career Clusters
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications   Manufacturing   Marketing   Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics  
No. of Students
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OC WORLD OF WORK: How did I become an Industrial Designer
Sub Topic
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Idea Creation   Product Design