In this session, Louisiana educators participating in the Jump Start July 2017 Jump Start BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential Teacher Trainings will be introduced to resources to aid them in identifying Virtual and In-Person Mentors to engage with their students, listen and provide feedback for Student Self-Assessment Presentations, and share information about career fields of interest.

Presenter, Laura Smith, serves as a member of the Statewide Jump Start Implementation team, and leads the development of the Louisiana Mentor Network. 

Key Questions

What is Nepris, and how does it work?

Is using Nepris complicated or time consuming?

Can someone show me how to use Nepris?

Do I have to use only Virtual Mentors, only In-Person Mentors, or both?

How do I submit a request for a Mentor?

How far in advance should I submit requests?

Do I have to write out all of the information each time I submit a request, or is there a template I can use?

Can I ask people I know to join Nepris?

Can I request a specific Mentor?

Can I schedule one Mentor for multiple presentations in a session?

Can my students offer a group presentation?

Does the Mentor have to be from the student’s career field of interest?

What about my student’s privacy?

If my school has never used Nepris and does not have a license, what should I do?

How do I know that the Mentor will interact appropriately with my students?

What if there is a technical issue during the session?

I teach some Students with Disabilities. Are there Mentors available who are qualified to engaged with my students?

I want my community to be involved, but I have to be in class with my students- I can’t make presentations to my local Chamber, etc. Can anyone help?

If I have a Nepris license, can I use it for other classes I teach?

Expected Outcomes

In this session educators will learn how to identify and schedule Unfamiliar Workplace Adults who will engage with their class, helping students to explore career fields, practice “soft skills”, offer feedback on Self-Assessment Presentations, and provide insights into the world of work.

Teachers will learn ways to galvanize their own, local networks to serve as In-Person or Virtual Mentors and explore ways in which their school and district administrators can help them encourage community participation.

Teachers will learn that utilizing Nepris is simple and time-efficient, and that implementation support is readily available – in multiple formats, at all times. They will also discover that Nepris may be used in a variety of ways to support classroom learning across all content areas.

Teachers will be introduced to Statewide Jump Start Implementation team members who can assist them in identifying mentors, and provide in-person training.

Teachers of Students with Disabilities will learn about the groundwork Jump Start is laying to ensure that educators and students alike have access to the supports they need for success – both in and out of the classroom.

Teachers will have the opportunity to ask questions, and hopefully, dispel any concerns they may have about integrating a new technology in their classrooms.

Perhaps most importantly, teachers will learn that their students will benefit exponentially from real-time/real-world engagement with Mentors; that these interactions can remove barriers of access for all students, helping young adults see the world outside the classroom walls, and beyond the parish line.  


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 07/20/2017 10:00 AM   Eastern Time




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Louisiana Jump Start Micro-Enterprise Credential Teacher Training, July 2017
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