Attending college is an important decision for every high school student. But school is expensive, scholarships are competitive and school loans seem scary. 

This session will be presented by a currently serving Army Soldier who has used education benefits and will explain some basic education benefits everyone receives when they serve in the military.

This session will provide students with basic information about how to pay for college in a way they might not have considered--through military service.

Fewer people today know someone who has served. I believe in arming students with information and give them options they might not have considered before.

This session will also provide some real scenarios and apply the benefits so students can "see" how they pay for school. This session will also provide website links where anyone can go and find out more information.


Key Questions

What schools accept military/veteran benefits?

How much do these programs pay?

Where can I find more information?

Is the GI Bill the same as a full-ride scholarship?

What about books and room & board? Do I get money for that too?

How long do I have to serve to get college money? Which service?

Does my state also offer educational benefits for Veterans?


Expected Outcomes

Understand what the GI Bill is and how it can help pay for college after serving in the military.

Understand what "Tuition Assistance" is and how it pays for books and courses during military service.

Understand what enlistment bonuses are available that directly apply to future college costs.

Where to find information online about Veteran educational benefits.

How to figure out what schools accept the GI Bill.



Curriculum Alignment

Completed Date

 01/20/2017 3:00 PM   Eastern Time




Michele Reid US Army



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How Joining the Military Can Help Pay for College
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